The core purpose of Creative Integration is to help stretch marketing investment even further. We are the experts in that less trendy but super important thing which is effective marketing roll out across all channels. We believe that roll out is king and that’s why we’re called Creative Integration!

Creative Integration is a local, privately owned and fiercely independent graphic design and print management business founded by Andrew Logan back in 2008. We work with clients right across Australia, spanning from ASX listed corporates through to privately owned businesses and start ups.

In a content fuelled and multi-channel environment, the roll out and customisation of creative ideas using a traditional agency model can be extremely expensive. So by taking charge of the marketing execution, we help our clients to deliver a highly effective program with hard cost savings.

With our unique model, we have the capability to flex both up and down based on your scope of work. It’s not about a rigid number of full time employees. And of course we don’t charge the earth. In fact, we treat your money as if it’s our own because ultimately we’re in business to help save you money.

Our focus is squarely on making sure our clients are happy. We‘re not your typical agency set. We’re not constrained by corporate overheads, dictated by crazy policies or controlled by a faceless international office. At Creative Integration, we’re professional, friendly, approachable and any egos are out the window!

You see, it’s all about building long term relationships that are truly win / win. We get to understand your brand and your business and you get to know us. That’s how we can really add value to your business, solve problems at rapid pace and help you invest your marketing dollars much more effectively.

In the nicest possible way, we’re a ‘plug in’ agency. We’re not a typical creative, media or production agency, but rather we work cohesively with your existing partners and integrate within your marketing team. We’re anti bureaucracy! Our approach is straight to studio and direct to designer.

Creative Integration will tailor the solution depending on the specific needs of the client. This could be a complete in house graphic design capability, with a team of specialists working as part of your business. Or this could be an outsourced graphic design and print production capability on a project basis.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Deliver marketing roll out across channels at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency model, in terms of both creative and production

Faster Turnaround

Work directly with graphic designers who intimately understand your brand to turnaround jobs at super speed, without layers of bureaucracy

Greater Control

Maintain control over your brand integrity and resource management by running graphic designers as an exclusive extension of your existing team

More Streamlined

Communicate face to face and in real time to deliver a more streamlined marketing workflow with 100% transparency and increased accuracy

True Customisation

Increase the personalisation and customisation of your overall marketing program, rather than adopting a standard ‘one size fits all’ approach



The Creative Integration team has the creative capability and skills to tackle any challenge, from logo design to digital marketing. But equally, we co-exist with existing agency partners to cost effectively roll out ideas across channels.

We are changing the graphic design landscape by providing a tailored approach for each client, based on the principles of integration. That is, we work very closely with our client marketing teams, either onsite or remotely.

The highly experienced team at Creative Integration use the latest Apple and industry technology and have expertise with Adobe publishing software. This expertise extends to our internal digital design and production resources.

We roll out all internal and external communications, including website, social, display, email, press, outdoor, direct mail, POS, brochures, catalogues, flyers, banners and stationery. We also deliver professional photography and image retouching.

Importantly, we are experts in the specialised field of print production. With our industry knowledge and stable of professional and accredited suppliers, we have the tools to efficiently manage all production requirements for our clients.

Where we do not have internal capability, we’ve partnered with technology providers to help meet the needs of our clients. This also ensures that we comply with business requirements such as security, storage and reporting.

Our Team


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Creative Integration  ABN 56 140 784 998
Office: 07 3821 2157
Mobile: 0434 405 385
Email: andrew@creativeintegration.com.au